Recycling your cartridges for 20 years with Recycle Free

Recycling Inkjet Cartridges

Our recycling program accepts original equipment manufacturer (OEM ) inkjet and laser cartridges. Unfortunately, we along with most entities within the industry do not accept ink tanks, compatible or re-manufactured cartridges.

Recycling Laser Cartridges

Nonetheless, our comprehensive recycling program is the responsible step to a proactive culture in recycling plastic waste. Did you know - in one year, if the world’s discarded cartridges were stacked end-to-end, they would circle the earth twice?

Recycling Mobile Phones

Unlike other companies, we will recycle all your mobile phones, even if they have little or no value - and there is nothing to purchase. Be it inkjet cartridges, laser cartridges or mobile phones - Recycle Free pays for all freight charges.